Enemy Info
Energy 40
Damage from Weapon 4
Close Attack Damage 10
Speed 30

Armadillos are type of enemy in Fur Fighters. There are the only enemy that can shield themselves from gunfire. They can only attack when they open up their shell. While standing still and not seeing you, their shells are open, but they cannot be damaged nor do they respond to the bullets. They use a Heavy Machine Gun, which makes them very threatening and must be taken out quickly. Dealing with two can still be a problem. They also drop the weapon when killed.

Even though they do not respond to gunfire while idle, they still respond to Rockets, but will not take damage. When blasted with a Rocket (Rocket Launcher only, Seeker Launcher has no effect since they will try to flee from the rocket), they will start shooting in the direction they are facing (and will face you if you're close enough), and you can quickly swap to a better weapon and shoot them while they're open for an attack. This will work even if you're out of their sight range.

Level Appearances Edit

  • In Dinotopolis, they have a red shell and their eyes are glued together on their face.
  • In The Bad Place, their entire body is made of rocks.
  • In all other locations, they have a brown shell and their eyes are "separated" on each side of their head with a "fierce" expression.



  • Unlike other enemies, even if your gunfire reaches out to them as they remain idle, they will not take damage. You must be within their sight to cause any damage.
  • Sometimes when defeating an Armadillo, their head will be pushed in front of their shell.
  • Since the Armadillos lack a swimming animation, dragging them into water causes them to use their walking animation instead.
  • They can also be killed via Neutron Gun if you're out of their sight range, despite the fact that they normally wouldn't respond to ammo other than Rockets when they do not notice you. Killing them in this matter usually results in playing a different death animation that has their head pushed through their shell.


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