Square Bears

Bear Attack is a minigame you can play after saving Esmerelda. You can start by going to Bungalow's house and talking to the joey.

How to playEdit

Your objective here is to get Tweek to fight bears. You will start off with either 2 or 3 energy bombs depending on what game you are playing.


A full board

To move, highlight a spot and tap the button (whichever version you are playing varies). The bears will move at the same time you do an action. Tap the other button for an energy bomb that has a 1-block radius around you, and the other for teleporting to a random block (though this can be unreliable if it happens to warp you straight beside a bear and ultimately causing your death). Do not let a bear touch you or you lose a life. The bears will always move the fastest way to get to you, even if another bear is in the way, so this will cause them to crash into each other and leave behind a "wall". Any other bears walking into that "wall" will also die. Destroy all bears on the level to win one. The number of bears on the map will increase as you progress.

If you beat the current high score, you will win either the Walter or the Fish Eye View (Viggo's Revenge) cheat.


  • The game resets the amount of bears at Level 61. When this happens, your energy bombs go down to 2 (if they haven't already).
  • Very rarely when playing this minigame in the Dreamcast version, if you die, you will suddenly get an infinite amount of lives, preventing you from losing or recording a high score in this game.
  • The game is based on The Game of Daleks. This is further evidenced by the game coding referring to it as Daleks.[1]



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