Vital Statistics
Species Kangaroo
Gender Male
Location Dinos Downstairs
Blue is one of Bungalow's sons, found in Dinos Downstairs. He is trapped in the dishwasher system.

How to RescueEdit

Shoot the switch at the top of the large door in the center of the kitchen and enter. After clearing out the enemies in the area, swim onto one of the plates as they fall and wait to be picked up. When the plates rise, they will move across and a small beam will start firing in a circular motion. Avoid the shots and the plates will either move across and dip down into the water again (in which case, repeat) or slowly lower and rise. When this happens, you will get a jump boost. Wait until this happens a second time, and you will have enough altitude to reach Blue in the center of the machine.


  • There is a glitch where sometimes, after you get fluffed, the plates will never lower. You will need to exit the dishwasher and shoot the button again to get them working.

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