Space 016


Vital Statistics
Species Dog
Gender Female
Location VAB Building

Bonnie is one of Roofus' daughters. She can be found in VAB Building. In Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge, she is next to her brothers, Gregory and Jeremy.

How to RescueEdit

Bonnie will require the shuttle to be completely prepped before you can rescue her. This includes -

  • Getting the buggy and satellites ready
  • Equipping the boosters
  • Loading the fuel (one will not load at first - You will need to shoot it to reveal a button which, when pressed, will correct this problem)
  • Including the mission instructions by finding the Unformatted Floppy Disk and getting it Formatted.

Only after all of this has been done will Bonnie's door near the exit fly open, allowing her father to rescue her.

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