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Boss Beavers are a type of beaver located throughout Beaver Power. They are the leaders of the area, often seen with Worker Beavers. They wear a white coat with a blue shirt and a Builder's Hat. Some pencils stick out of a pocket, along with a name tag on the other side.

In Compound Factions, a Boss is looking for his stolen Set Square. In return, he'll hand over a Safety Certificate.

In Furry Forest, a Boss will request the Fur Fighter's assistance in distracting several Dragonflies. When done so, he will allow you to help him with his blasting by passing you a Detonator Handle.

In God Machine Valley, a Boss will want Bungalow to challenge one of his workers to an Arm Wrestle. If he wins, he'll hand over the Union Pass.

In Beaver Dam, a Boss and his two Workers will be grateful should the Fur Fighters help clear out the bears in the room so they can continue their jobs.

In Fluffraiser, a Boss Beaver can be seen in the small area outside, fretting over something. This is the only time the Boss Beaver uses this animation.


  • The Boss Beaver in Fluffraiser is the only NPC that can be found in any Fluffmatch.

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