Boss Levels can be found in every hubworld, sans Fur Fighter Village.

A certain amount of babies must have been rescued before you can fight (and in most cases, rescue) each boss. The vast majority of bosses will give you an item which is required to open the next hubworld and progress.

Image Level Vs Hubworld Item Babies needed
Saving Gwynth Gwynth New Quack City Entry Permit 25
Saving Juanita Juanita Beaver Power Degree in Astrophysics 50
Saving Claude Claude Cape Canardo Bull Whip 65
Saving Esmerelda Esmerelda Dinotopolis Fedora 85
Saving Winnie and Mai Winnie & Mai Anatat Tatanatat N/A 90
The General's Lair General Viggo Viggo A Gogo N/A N/A

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