Brown Bear
Enemy Info
Energy 12
Damage from Weapon 9
Close Attack Damage 22
Speed 30

Brown Bears are the most common type of bears found in the game, as well as the most common enemy in general.

They can be found in almost every level with standard enemies. They attack using a Shotgun, and can also be headshotted by a Shotgun or an Auto Shotgun. They usually reside in small groups, though are often accompanied by a Polar Bear or two.

Every shot you take from them deals 9 damage.

Level AppearancesEdit

  • In New Quack City, they sport a brown hat and jacket.
  • In Beaver Power, they are wearing a yellow builder's hat and yellow jacket with the Beaver Dam logo imprinted, with blue shorts.
  • In Cape Canardo, they wear a red spacesuit.
  • In Dinotopolis, they are transformed into little pink toys with a cream belly, with a black logo of General Viggo's head on their stomach.
  • In Anatat Tatanatat, they are wearing a yellow robe with brown stripes.
  • In The Bad Place, they are wearing a blue officer's shirt with navy blue jeans.
  • In Viggo A Gogo, they are sporting a blue and white sailor outfit with a white hat.
  • In Secret Island, they are sporting a full yellow suit which covers their head. General Viggo's logo is also on the suit.


  • Outside the level boundaries of Lower East Quack, there are two brown bears walking around. Under normal circumstances, they are not visible to the player.
  • The hat they wear in Beaver Power is also a unused item.