Char Test is one of the testing levels in the final version of Fur Fighters in the debug, accessible via the Level Select.

The level appears to be a testing level for all collectables to see if they are obtainable or not. The level has an Anatat Tatanatat theme to it. There is no music, just the sound of the nearby Telepoints, of which there is one for every Fur Fighter. There is also a large pit which, once fallen down, can be climbed up by any Fur Fighter despite there being no ladder.

The level contains all of the collectables - Ammo, Weapons, Pet Yums, Power Ups and Key Items.



  • Despite Furry Forest not being in the game, the items pertaining to it are here.
  • There are two unused items in this level - The Builder's Hat and Widget.
  • It is only available on the original Dreamcast game.

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