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The Close Attack is the Fur Fighters' Melee Attack. Many enemies also have their own Close Attack, which works the same way as that of the Fur Fighters.

Each one of the Fur Fighters has their own unique way of attacking. In Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge the attack can be upgraded by earning a Close Attack Upgrade, which can be achieved by completing Flea Mini Games.

Some close attacks vary depending on which game you use, as in Viggo's Revenge some standard close attacks as 'upgraded' attacks and others are completely new.

The Fur Fighters AttacksEdit


  • Performs a headbutt
  • Tries to claw enemies (Viggo's Revenge)


  • Spins around with her claws.
  • Slams both of her arms into enemies (Viggo's Revenge)


  • Does a spin kick


  • Uses a spinning punch with his hand


  • Thrusts his body up and pecks
  • Punches with his wings (Viggo's Revenge)


  • Sneezes a burst of flames


  • If you hold down the attack button for the close attack, occasionally you may see the Fur Fighter freeze and hesitate for a split second before resuming the close attack. If you stop at the precise moment the hesitation occurs, the Fur Fighter will be frozen in their position when ending their close attack. They will stay like that until you turn to the side, fire a weapon, or move.

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