Cluster Bomber
Weapon Info
Power 80 (30 in VR)
Ammo Grenades
First found God Machine Valley
Tier Above N/A
Tier Below Bomb Launcher

The Cluster Bomber is a slow firing explosive based weapon. It is located in the second tier of weapons that consume Grenade ammunition. The tier below the Cluster Bomber is the Bomb Launcher.


The Cluster bomber has a violet and yellow color scheme with a single yellow line on its stock and on each of its three barrels. The three barrels make up the largest part of the weapon.

The Cluster Bomber is able to fire three Grenades at once at the cost of a slower firing rate. When firing from the Cluster Bomber, each shot is affected by gravity. This essentially means that this weapon can be shot at an angle to gain more distance. The Grenades shot do not explode until a few seconds pass, unless it is shot at a living or interactive target, in which they explode on contact. One can tell when a grenade is about to explode when it starts to pulsate. Grenades can be ricocheted off flat surfaces, giving a bit of strategy when using this weapon. The grenades from the Cluster Bomber explode faster than the Bomb Launcher, so it might be better to use the Cluster Bomber to hit enemies from high above if a grenade from the Bomb Launcher won't explode fast enough, despite the amount of ammo consumed.

The Cluster Bomber, as with the The Grenade Launcher, both use explosive ammunition which damages everyone that is near the explosion, including the player, so firing at a safe distance is advised. If you get hit by all three of your own grenades, you will take considerable damage (about 45 or so).


Fluffmatch LocationsEdit

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