Compound Factions is the first level located in Beaver Power (second in Viggo's Revenge). The level is mostly comprised of smaller construction work spread out across various areas. Beware the highly flammable Explosives WarehouseRoofus' Flea Mini Game can also be found in this area...In a Porta Potty.


The Compound Factions begins in an area with a large truck, as well as several large crates, which are prevalent throughout the level. Further on lies a bulldozer and a gate that can only be opened from the other side, which can only be accessed via a Mound. Further on lies a steep cliff leading to a large number of porta potties. Another Mound will lead you to Dam Flea.

Past the porta potties, lies a large area which branches off into several areas, one being the Explosive Warehouse. Other areas include the office of a disgruntled Worker Beaver, a large area with a crane wielding a wrecking ball, and a gate guarded by a beaver who is critical on safety regulations. Once the safety beaver is pacified, he will open the gate, allowing you to enter the rest of the level.

The final areas of the Compound Factions consist of a large truck near some steelwork, as well as another warehouse in front of a large, crate filled muddy lake. This warehouse also contains a large steam roller driven by a Polar Bear. Past this warehouse lies the level exit, although numerous Brown Bears will appear when approached.








  • Tweek is able to go past the gate near the entrance, but only before using the Starter Handle - he must get inside the green building and walk up the steps, and then glide over the gate. Also, Bungalow can get over the gate by getting on the Roofus sign next to the mound and then jumping to the side of the gate. However, this needs to be done with precise timing when running off the sign to jump. This won't work in the demo however, since the mechanics run differently.
  • Compound Factions has the most known revisions between early versions of the game and the final.
  • An unused item, the Builder's Hat, was originally to be used in this level.


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