Enemy Info
Energy 56
Damage from Weapon 1
Close Attack Damage N/A
Speed 40

Cows are enemies exclusive to Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge. Unlike other enemies, they can fly with portable jetpacks and use a Flamethrower to burn the player. Although only causing damage at a rate of 1 HP per hit, the flames are rapid enough to cause massive damage when in tight areas.

When defeated they either fall to the ground or remain in mid-air for a few seconds before the jetpack explodes and finishes them off, damaging other enemies that get too close. They are first encountered in the VAB Building.


Level AppearancesEdit


  • Along with the Fox, they are the only enemies without a Close Attack.
  • The Cows have two unused models - One for Beaver Power, where he has a red cap and a brown jacket and one for Viggo A Gogo, where he has a dark green helmet and a dark green outfit.[1]
  • The Cow is the only standard enemy absent from Secret Island.
  • The Cow's outfit in Anatat Tatanatat is very similar to that of Indiana Jones's.
  • If the explosion that occurs when a cow dies hits multiple enemies at once and those same enemies die simultaneously, the game may occasionally freeze due to it having to render too many animations forcing the player to restart.


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