Dam Fluffers
Theme Beaver Power
Versions Available
Fur Fighters YES
Fur Fighters PC YES
Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge YES

Dam Fluffers is one of the maps available in Fluffmatch mode. It is based on Beaver Power and is one of the two maps to have a unique Pet Yums that brings a Fur Fighter's health to 200, though it gradually goes down until it reaches 100.

It is advised to be careful when grabbing that Pet Yums, because it is at the bottom of the pool and can make you highly vulnerable to weapons, especially Bomb Launchers that can instantly fluff you, making the risk all go for nothing.


  • Players that are risking to pick up the unique Pet Yums are vulnerable to big attacks. You can grab this chance to use a Bomb Launcher to fluff them and make the risk go for nothing.
  • Bungalow players can lure people into the pit (as long as they're not playing Bungalow) with the Plasma Blasters, and then jump up the corner. The enemy cannot pursue you, and you can turn around and start attacking them.
  • It is possible to hide behind anyone's Telepoint (though Rico and Bungalow's spots are harder to notice, since the area is dark), and then attack unsuspecting players who don't see you there. It is risky when hiding behind Roofus and Juliette's since the only way to get out is up the stairs, and your enemy could be standing at the stairs.
  • Bungalow is capable of jumping up the corners of the Plasma Blaster pit, making him able to escape pursuers chasing after him.
  • On the bridge with the Rocket Launchers, it is possible to have Chang walk on the side of the bridge (not ON, but beside) facing the room with the pool.





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