Detonator Handle
Level Furry Forest
Found With the Boss Beaver
Used for Progressing further

The Detonator Handle is an item found in Furry Forest.

How to obtainEdit

There is a Beaver who is being beleaguered by Dragonflies. You will need to locate four switches to turn on some lights that will guide them away. The first three are found nearby. The fourth will require you to jump on the seesaw-like formation opposite to send the small boulder flying. Then, quickly make your way over to the opening before the time runs out. Once all the switches have been pressed, he will hand you the Detonator Handle.

How to useEdit

Move to the Detonator next to you after the Beaver has given it to you and a short cutscene will play, before allowing you to continue your journey.


  • Despite being unused in the original versions of Fur Fighters, the item is still in the game.

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