Level Lower East Quack
Found With the Street Punk
Used for Catching a cab

The Dime is an item obtained in Lower East Quack. It is used to pay the taxi fare to go across the drawbridge (and open it permanently) so that it is possible to cross it by foot.

How to obtainEdit

You can win it from the Street Punk at the basketball court near the O'Quackers store, after winning a round of Hoops.

How to useEdit

Only Tweek or Rico can enter the cab driver, since the driver does not accept mammals. With this in mind, enter the cab with either of these characters (after the bridge has been opened) and he will drive you over to the other side.


  • The Dime may be a reference to the term Dime in basketball which means assist. Technically, the Street Punk is assisting you with getting you money to get a ride across. This can be completely coincidental, however.