Dinos Upstairs is the second level in Dinotopolis. As its name suggests, it takes place upstairs in the dinosaurs' home. You'll go through the parents room, the bathroom, the boys room and finally the Nursery. You also encounter Mr. Dustee here. The Flea minigame can also be activated here if you get Tweek to glide onto one of the giant toilets where the fleas are.


The level begins in the Dino Parents bedroom, which consists of a closet and a vibrating bed, which can be switched on from the nightstand. A nearby door leads to the bathroom.

Inside the bathroom, the Dino Father is taking a bath while reading the newspaper. It is possible to enter the Dino Father's head by climbing several towels and then leaping into one of his ear holes. Also in this area is a stand-in shower, toilets (one of which is home to a pile of fleas) and a vanity, with automated augmentations for each Dino parent. Pass the bathroom lies a room where Mr. Dustee resides. He must be defeated to gain access to the Dino Boy's room.

The Dino Boy's room has several notable objects that can be interacted with, such as a toy tank that can be driven and a covered plant bed, containing Gronda. The area under the bed can also be entered. On the bed lies a large box for the God of Drilling model, located in the previous room, that contains a battery. However, normal attacks from any weapon on hand will not open it.

Finally, through the Dino Boy's closet, lies the path to the Nursery. This room contains a large amount of enemies, all of which can spot you if you venture into the open area of the nursery. Three unhatched dinosaur eggs are in the bed nearby, and will remain unhatched due to the ambience provided by the record player in the room. A toy garage set can be climbed, using the alphabet blocks, leading to the top of the nursery bed.

The level exit is located in this room, which consists of a partially opened door near large stuffed doll of one of Chang's children.








  • You can kill the bears using the toy tank by blasting them or running them over.
  • In an early screenshot, the Chang baby had both arms at his side and did not hold the Exit sign.


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