Engine Part
Level Furry Forest
Found Varies
Used for Varies

The Engine Part is an item found in Furry Forest. There are two of them to be found in the level, and both of them have a different use.

First Engine PartEdit

Shoot the malfunctioning boat seen towards the start of the level and one will pop out. Later, use the engine on another boat near one of Juliette children. The boat will move around and allow you to rescue Dima.

Second Engine PartEdit

For the other, find the upturned boat floating in the water. Leap on the side to push it the right way, and take the Engine Part that comes out. Use this on the larger boat with the control panel. Jump onto the crate and shoot the two buttons in order, and leap off the other side to rescue Feyd.


  • As with other Furry Forest items, these items still exist in the original games, but go unused.
  • When obtaining the first Engine Part, if you stand at the spot where it lands before the cutscene of it flies out plays, you will automatically take it. Due to this happening while the cutscene is occurring, you will then return to the normal view while the Fur Fighter is putting the Engine Part away.

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