Entry Permit
Level New Quack City
New Quack Subway
Found Outside Saving Gwynth
Used for Entering Beaver Power

The Entry Permit is a key item which also appears as a placeholder in a deleted level.

How to obtain: New Quack CityEdit

After Tweek has rescued his mother in Saving Gwynth from New Quack City, General Bristol will appear and congratulate him. Then, he will mention that he was clearing out his aura when he found it.

How to Use: New Quack CityEdit

Hand over the Permit to the Beaver back in Fur Fighter Village, and it will grant you access to Beaver Power.

How to obtain: New Quack SubwayEdit

The item appears twice in this level, albeit as a placeholder. It is seen immediately upon entry to the level, and later again after being 'used'.

How to use: New Quack SubwayEdit

The item can be handed to a Beaver behind a window. After receiving it, another one will appear (with no use).

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