Vital Statistics
Species Penguin
Gender Male
Location Dinos Upstairs
Esteban (Elisabeth in Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge) is one of Rico's sons. He can be found in Dinos Upstairs.

How to RescueEdit

Enter the boy's bedroom and enter the NQPD Tank. Move it up the bed and shoot the box. Now, using Juliette climb up the Cat Scratches on the small bookshelf and climb to the top. Drop onto the bed and pick up the Battery. Switch to Bungalow and return to the room where you defeated Mr. Dustee. Leap onto the bricks and switch to Rico, pushing the Battery into the God of Drilling model. It will break open the glass. Using the nearby items you can leap up and into the glass to rescue Esteban on the top of a castle. Be warned - There are Shrimps lurking nearby!

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