Final Flea
Vital statistics
Fur Fighter Rico
Level Secret Island
Ticks 8

Final Flea is the name of Rico's Flea Level. It can be found in Secret Island in Viggo A Gogo. After Rico has successfully caught Fifi, an underwater grate will open. In here lies Rico's Flea level.

It is one of the hardest levels due to a ship which will constantly fire at you as it goes around. You will also need to swim to a ship in order to use it and takes some time to explore to locate all the ticks.

The level takes place on Rico's forehead and eyes.


  • This is the only Flea level where you can pilot a ship.
  • This is the only Flea level where there is water, proving that The Mighty Flea can swim.
  • Unlike most of the other Fur Fighters, Rico's level shows his feathers instead of fur.
  • It is possible to see Rico's eyes here.


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