Frozen is a mechanic that activates whenever a character comes in contact with a hazard that causes it. When a player is frozen, they will be unable to move, but they can still aim up or down and fire their weapon. When shot by a weapon other than a Freeze Gun, they will shatter and be fluffed. This also happens if they are pushed and they fall at any height, regardless of how high (this also still works if they are pushed up a staircase). If left alone for long enough, they will eventually thaw.

In enemies' casesEdit

Enemies follow the same rule as above, except they cannot shoot or change their aim. When enemies thaw, they will forget the player was previously there if the player is out of sight. Polar Bears are immune to freezing. Most bosses are immune to freezing, with the exception of Mai, but only when she is standing over the pond. The Unfluffables are vulnerable to freezing in the original version of the game, but it has been fixed in later versions.

Hazards that cause freezingEdit


  • It is possible to play as frozen Chang by leaping into his Telepoint on the right side with the pipe open from above. Should you change Fur Fighters, they will also remain frozen until you exit the level. However, whenever you land somewhere, no matter what the distance you will always lose 1HP.

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