The store itself

GameQuack is the name of a store in World Quack Centre. Two Bears are inside, and they will break the glass when someone approaches them. At the very back there are two small cans of Pet Yums. The television screens display the Fur Fighters logo at all times.

Although you can't purchase anything, it does have some clever references from other videogames. 

Game ReferencesEdit

The Store contains many references form other video games such as....

  • Quack: A reference to the 1996 first-person shooter Quake by Id software.
  • Resident Weevil: A reference to the game series called Resident Evil by Capcom.
  • Shemoo: A reference to the 1999 adventure game called Shenmue made by Sega AM2.
  • Metropolis Sheep Racer: Reference to the 2000 Racing game Metropolis Street Racer made by the same people that brought you Fur Fighters.

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