Gangsta Fluffin
Theme New Quack City
Versions Available
Fur Fighters NO
Fur Fighters PC YES
Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge YES
Gangsta Fluffin is a Fluffmatch level based in New Quack City.

The level takes places on a building which is under construction. There are three possible levels for you to hide away in, a large amount of weapons (including the Neutron Gun which does an astonishing 70 damage should it land) and a Telepoint for every Fur Fighter. There are pipes and planks for the player to walk up a stage, although you can very easily hide away in the pipes.

There are slight design changes between Fur Fighters PC and Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge. For one, the building inside cannot be entered in Viggo's Revenge, as it is still under construction entirely, whereas the original games allow you to enter a small area inside where there is a Juliette Telepoint. Also, towards the top is a moving platform. In the PC version, this leads to the other side, where Tweek's Telepoint is. In Viggo's Revenge, the platform moves the opposite way, leading you to a Flame Gun. You can still reach the other building if you glide over there as Tweek, but the area is barren, and the door there leads nowhere.





  • A Super Pet Yums can is in Fur Fighters on the other building, though is absent entirely in Viggo's Revenge.
  • In one demo of the game, the level is playable yet listed as Good Fluffers 2.


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