This page contains a list of Glitches found in the PS2 game.

Game BreakersEdit

The following glitches can potentially ruin your game. Be warned!


Click restart, or you'll regret it.

  • Aren't I already in the hub? - This glitch can cause your save file to really get screwed up, so be careful with it. If you die whilst leaving a level, and you pause the game whilst in the hubworld, you will be given the chance to return to hubworld even when you're already in it. Trying to do so sends you back to the last level in which a flea mini game was collected, but if one is not found then the game may crash with a barrage of error messages or even just crash entirely with a black screen and sound looping constantly until restarted. If the game does not crash, then when you try to enter another level it will send you to one you've already been to.
  • Where's the Baby? - In Compound Factions, if you fire at the explosives room and walk backwards into Jason, Bungalow will be Fluffed. When this happens, Jason will disappear, but he will not be counted in your overall count.
    • This glitch works with tokens as well. If you pick up a token and get fluffed at the same time, the game will register as though the token was picked up but simultaneously not count the token as if you did not pick it up.
  • Lost Progress - In some rare instances, the game will forget part of your progress. When this happens, the game will mark off Babies and Gold Tokens as being collected when they haven't, or, vice versa, in which case it is possible to rescue double the amount of babies or collect twice the amount of tokens in certain levels. It is unknown what triggers this, though some speculate a scratched disc may increase the chances.
  • MEGAGLITCH 2.0 - WARNING: This glitch can cause massive damage to your save file if you are not careful. Sometimes when you start up the game, it will suffer from a huge bug where all three of your in-game saves are corrupted and have 0 tokens, erasing your current progress and making you not have any cheats discovered. Loading up one of the three corrupted files will result in a worse variant of Begin Without the Subway Token where you start a new game with no items or weapons(besides the close range attack), have 5 health as though you had died whilst leaving a level(see above for more info), have no cursor, and, despite not having collected a single token in the game, always have a message on the screen that says "You got all the tokens". Oh, and since you don't start with the pistol, picking up any weapons in the game will remove the close range attack from your list of moves forever, forcing you to start a new file in order to get it back. You can still complete the game normally despite this(all the levels in the game have been unlocked for you to try them, though you can't complete The General's Lair due a bug from previous ports returning via this glitch, and The Bad Place for reasons seen below).
  • Trapped in the sands of time - Entering The Bad Place whilst the megaglitch is still in effect or on a save with similar effects will trigger an enormous glitch where the end-of-level cut scene will play as soon as the level begins, only it will never end, thus softlocking the game and making you unable to leave the stage. And should autosave be enabled, it's even worse, because the game saves when this happens, thus making you unable to leave this stage, thus making the save broken and unplayable forever, until you decide to delete it from your list of saves, thus allowing a new one to take place. But it removes ALL of your progress, so watch out for that.
  • Buggy/Glitchy Flea - Leaving a flea level after you die inside of it may cause some strange events. Perhaps a result of the megaglitch or going back to an invalid flea level, sometimes it can send you someplace unorthodox, sometimes even a stage such as one without a flew level entrance in it. It may also cause the end-of-level scores tally to display upon beating the flea level for no reason, which the game can't exactly respond to very well, and typically the game crashes afterwards. Also note that flea levels are identified by having smaller, strange looking versions of the images used to identify that hubworld's boss stage.
  • Single Player Fluffmatch - This is an extremely rare glitch when playing through the game's singleplayer mode. Sometimes, upon exiting a stage, instead of going to the usual location you'd expect to be in, you instead get sent to a fluffmatch stage. With only one player. And no obvious methods of leaving the stage besides returning to hub, which depending on how you got to that stage, could result in disasterous consequences. It's unknown what causes this glitch to occur(although one can also explore the fluffmatch stages with just one player via using the Level Select cheat), but it is entirely possible by using the "Return to Hub in a hub" glitch in a hub with no flea level in the previous hubworld(or any previous hubworld for that matter) after first entering a fluffmatch with that level as your pick for the level you wish to go to, or via the above glitch with the flea levels under the same circumstances.
  • Teleporting Shuttle - In VAB Building, sometimes if you get fluffed after already moving the shuttle to the shuttle transporter, it will teleport back to the first room where it is sent to after landing the plane with Hweek inside. However, since the game already processed that you moved the shuttle (even though it teleported back in this case), you cannot move it back to the transporter again. Meaning that if you haven't gotten the Unformatted Floppy Disk and then return it to the shuttle as the Formatted Floppy Disk, it will be impossible to save Bonnie, Gregory, and Jeremy.

Normal GlitchesEdit

  • Multiplayer Single Mode - When in any Fluffmatch, pause the game just before you are actually Fluffed. If done correctly, the Return to Hub option will appear. Select it and you will be taken back to the hubworld associated with the Fluffmatch. The game can be played with up to 4 players using this glitch and any Tokens or Babies found by the players will be recorded and will remain collected during the session. You can even unlock levels if you have found enough Tokens or Babies and also the Timer will reset whenever you enter a different level. For events like using items such as the Subway Token only the first player will be able to use them. There are some side effects when playing the game like this and one major side effect is that the game will eventuality slow down to a halt. The longer you remain in the level the slower the game will get and this worsens with more players. Certain sound effects such as Tweek's Gliding will play in an endless loop forever and may also be one of the causes of the slowdown in the game. The only way to fix this is by leaving the level either by performing the glitch again and selecting the Return to Hub option, going through the level's exit, entering a flea level or quitting the game. There's also a chance of the game freezing during the Loading screens or you can force-freeze it by stacking up sound effects by pressing the buttons or moving the analog sticks.
  • Great Mighty Flea in Single Player - Perform the Multiplayer Single Mode glitch whilst the Flea Deathmatch cheat is active.
  • Walk on the Train Tracks - In Lower East Quack, where you rescue Jonathan is it possible to walk on the train tracks. Where the tracks are raised, leap on and you will be unharmed. You can also glide over to the other area if using Tweek.
  • Gronda's Hitbox - Sometimes, when you kill a gronda, the hitbox will not disappear.
  • Begin without taking the Subway Token - When you start the game, quit the game and return, and you will begin without the subway token, and the item will stay in there until you collect it.
  • I am still here. - Sometimes 21st century fox sits behind the door he comes out of if you don't head through the room he's normally in. This means that you can fight him again, and you are free to do so by going through the main part of the station in reverse; it's a little buggy, but the room he's normally inside of lets you fight him as though he were a standard level enemy.
    • The alien that comes down from the ceiling does not leave either. He will stay at the spot he comes down from even after you finish the level.
  • Panda Bear Dark Miracle - Same as Polar Bear Dark Miracle from previous versions. Pandas don't have a proper swimming animation, so they use their walking animation instead. Note that they can also still use their grenades!
  • High Octane Running - When a bear falls off of a platform, it will try to "swim" upwards to try and save itself from death(which usually never succeeds). When something OTHER than a bear falls off of a platform, however, the only thing that speeds up is it's walking animation.
    • This seems to have a rather bizarre effect on Foxes-their fire rate increases substantially when they start falling.
  • Wacky Sound Error - Roofus sometimes suffers from a bug where some of the characters he interacts with have odd sounds emitted from them. This is usually in the form of highly pitched and sped up version of the normal audio clips to weird static and other noises.
  • Return of the giant peacock illusion: Just like peacocks, luring Armadillos into water will cause them to glitch out and become massive, possibly larger than the level itself.
    • This also applies for foxes, which float in the water for reasons unknown. If a fox stays idle in the water for too long, it's model will start to increase in size, with the fox itself turning huge for a split second before changing back to normal should it notice you.
    • For Chameleons, the illusion will occur when they forget you're there and become idle.
  • SUDDENLY WELCOME BACK - It's possible to activate the timer that occurs open beginning the minigame in the store and then leave the store altogether. Once time is up however, you will always wind up back inside of the store.
    • If you switch to another character just as you get sent back into the store, that character will get sent back into the store replacing who was inside of it before. Afterwards, if that fur fighter dies and the game does not yet save with another character, they will respawn inside of the store.
  • Registered Fall - When entering Dinotopolis, you may appear in the hubworld with 5 health.
  • Fluffed Pause - Sometimes when pausing the game right after you go inside Compound Factions, it pops up the "You Fluffed It" menu instead.
  • Crazy Ball - In the Fur Fighter Village, if you push the volleyball or pool ball into the New Quack City train tracks, it will fly around like crazy as usual due to taking damage, but occasionally it can get lodged into part of the train and you cannot get it out, even if you blast it with any weapon.

Classic Glitches: If you feel like putting a glitch in the dreamcast port that was left over in the PS2 port, put it in this category.

  • Immortal Minigame Tweek - This is an extremely rare glitch while playing Bear Squares. Sometimes when you lose a life, you will suddenly get an infinite number of lives, meaning you can last for many rounds in the game but you can never set a high score (due to the system only setting it when it is game over).
  • Raising the Carrier - On some rare occasions, it is possible to become stuck underneath Fifi's Carrier. When this happens, the carrier will rise continuously until you restart the game or fluff yourself.
  • Exceptionally Stupid Bear - In some cases, some bears have their AI messed up, and they will continually see you and ignore you. This seems to happen only in the Cape Canardo areas.
  • Deformed Completed Image - Tweek's minigame is glitched so that if particular images are placed in a particular spot, the game will count the puzzle as completed, and you will see a deformed version of the image with one of the pieces transformed as the bottom right piece that is not there when putting the pieces together.
  • River Glitch - This works with only Tweek in Anatat Tatanatat. Near the back of the hub is a running river that takes you to the waterfall back at the beginning. When you fall off the waterfall, glide and follow over the river (over the death boundary lines) until you can't glide anymore. You will be beneath the river in non-swimming mode.
  • Frozen Fighter - In the VLF Facility, shooting the pipe just above Chang's Telepoint will cause the pipe to leak as normal. Leaping into the freezing fumes and falling into Chang's telepoint will cause Chang to emerge, Frozen. However, he will still move around as usual, and act as though he is unfrozen. Falling onto the ground causes 1 damage, and switching passes the effect over. The glitch will only end once you have left the VLF Facility or are fluffed.
    • Tweek can also do this glitch. By performing SUDDENLY WELCOME BACK and gliding into the river below the drawbridge at the right time, he will wind up inside the store with the same effects from the Pipe Maze.
    • This can also be done in the Space Station Meer level although it requires timing and you have to be playing as Bungalow due to his higher jump. Have the reactor fail by bumping into the button while strafing right that's closest to the door that you came through and keep moving to that door then move forward towards the other door. The goal is to make it to the Tweek Teleporter before the timer runs out but you need to play as Bungalow so you can reach the teleporter and quickly jump above the teleporter so you fall into it as you get frozen due to the timer running out. If you enter the teleporter when the timer runs out you'll come out frozen but the game will shortly kill you instantly even at 100 Health and perhaps even with the Beetle Shield. If done right you will bypass the instant kill and you'll be able to move around while frozen as well as the screen being blue until you either fix the reactor or do some other things. You can also do this while the reactor is overloading which will soft-lock the game due to the cutscene playing forever, forcing a reset.


Fur Fighters Viggo's Revenge (PS2) - Compound Factions Explosives Storage Glitch02:31

Fur Fighters Viggo's Revenge (PS2) - Compound Factions Explosives Storage Glitch.

Where's the Baby?

Fur Fighters 2 Players in Single Player Glitch09:35

Fur Fighters 2 Players in Single Player Glitch

2-Player Single Mode

Fur Fighters - Tweek Gliding Glitch02:14

Fur Fighters - Tweek Gliding Glitch

River Glitch

Fur Fighters Viggo's Revenge (PS2) - I can't even explain this glitch..07:21

Fur Fighters Viggo's Revenge (PS2) - I can't even explain this glitch...

Lost Progress

Fur Fighters Sliding Block Glitch00:55

Fur Fighters Sliding Block Glitch

Deformed Completed Image

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