God Machine Valley is a level in Beaver Power. It is home to the most powerful machinery in all of Beaver Power. It has a secret route to Dinotopolis, which Chang can enter after excavating the entrance with the God of Drilling. You will also be doing a bit of Arm Wrestling against a Beaver.


God Machine Valley consists of a large canyon populated by a number of massive machines, known as the God Machines. The first God Machine encountered is God of Crushers, a massive rotating Bucket-wheel excavator. The rotating head is dangerous and must be avoided when traversing the cliff side to the other end. Later on, this God Machine can be climbed on when the right credentials are obtained. 

The next area contains a number of locations where further excavation is taking place. These areas include a standard bucket excavator, a blasting zone, an area containing The God of Drilling, a small office filled with competitive beavers and a cliffside that can be traversed by climbing several small bulldozers. A little ways further, a protest against the destruction of an ancient monument is being upheld by Hippy Beavers. Nearby also lies a pathway that contains a number of rotating laser cutting machinery. 

The final area consists of a massive open area, containing a couple of movable conveyor belts that can be used to reach a cliffside cave. The most noticeable feature in this area, however, is the largest God Machine in the level, The God of Processing. Entering The God of Processing also requires the use of the conveyer belts, to which you will need to navigate the inner workings with Chang. Inside the machine, numerous moving parts must be avoided, as well exploring many of the God Machine's vents and pathways. Several vents lead to ledges on the outside of the God Machine, while one leads to the top. The final vent takes the player to a claw that can be operated and used to lift a pipe that'll lead to a baby, as well as a large cave, which acts as the level exit.

It is notable that the God of Processing can be avoided entirely by traversing several large stepping stones near the God Machine.




Enemies Dreamcast PC/iOS PS2
Blue Bears 2 ??? 2
Brown Bears 43¹ ??? 44¹
Polar Bears 29² ??? 28²
Panda Bears N/A N/A 15
Crocodiles 14 ??? 11
Peacocks 8 ??? 6

¹7 spawn after monument is destroyed

²3 spawn after monument is destroyed



Ammo Dreamcast PC/iOS PS2
Bullets 504 ??? 396
Shells 90 ??? 90
Grenades 46 ??? 46
Rockets 41 ??? 41
Energy 280 ??? 280



  • All of Juliette's children in this level have the name prefix 'Jean'.
  • Tweek is able to access the God of Processing without going through the hazards - he must enter the cave where Anthony is and glide to the "balcony".


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