Good Fluffers
Theme New Quack City
Versions Available
Fur Fighters YES
Fur Fighters PC YES
Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge YES

Good Fluffers is one of the maps in Fluffmatch mode. It is based on New Quack City and is one of the few maps that have hazards that can instantly fluff a player. In this case, there are "death pits" near the Telepoints outside of the buildings and underneath the glass building.

Players are advised to be careful, since the buildings on both sides have high levels, making it easy to get sniped and ambushed. Also be careful when inside the bottom room with the building with the "FIRE EXIT" doors, as another player can stand in the door's way and leave you trapped inside, and making you open for possible attacks from a Bomb Launcher. It is also tough to counter players who reach the Plasma Beamer or the Flame Gun, so beware of that.


  • Players using the Plasma Beamer can camp at the top of any of the two buildings and snipe players to their death, and they will keep regaining ammo. But they also have to be careful of people that can possibly sneak to the top and use a Bomb Launcher or a Flame Gun. They also have to beware of Flame Gunners that are trying to hit them from afar.
  • Since the Pet Yums are only found at the very middle at the bottom, it can make targets down there open for Bomb Launcher kills.
  • If someone is trapping you inside the FIRE EXIT door in the very center, you can make them back off if you shoot the door with a Flame Gun.
  • You can hide behind Tweek or Bungalow's Telepoint and wait. If there are unsuspecting players passing by, you can blast them with a Bomb Launcher, Plasma Beamer, or Flame Gun, and they may never know what hit them... unless they're very observant. This can be risky - an observant player could just launch a grenade in there or use a Flame Gun, putting you in a difficult situation.





  • At the spots where the Bomb Launchers are scattered, it is possible to stand on top of the corners of the poles facing the death pits by gliding there as Tweek, but it is very tough to get directly on it - going out too far will cause death.
  • Chang can get under the barrels that have the Flame Gun and Thermal on it, but it's hard to accomplish. If he does get underneath, he cannot get out or move around, and will be vulnerable to any passing player, meaning that he can only get out by getting fluffed.


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