• Although Viggo on Glass only has 20 aircrafts to destroy, General Viggo still mentions 25 in the cutscene. As a result, you can pass on destroying 5 of the aircraft.
  • In Viggo's Revenge, some of the aircraft have warped textures (mostly the ones within the hangers). It appears they were not properly mapped to the 3D surface.
  • During the aircraft battle, after downing all enemy aircraft, the player is meant to land the jet back on the launch deck after which a cinematic will play depicting the player launching the fighter jet off the runway (without a pilot) forcing it to crash into the ocean, destroying it. Due to a scripting glitch however, landing is not required. One can merely crash the jet into the deck or ocean (and die/respawn) for it to be counted as destroyed, though this skips the cinematic.
    • Even after destroying it, the jet on the flight deck can still be flown by simply jumping in the direction where it's open cockpit once was.

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