headshot is when you blast off an enemy's head. But only bears can be headshotted. The only weapon capable of performing a headshot is a Shotgun or Auto Shotgun. You can roll around the head until it disappears. Rolling the head will reset the duration of how long it stays until disappearing. It will not reset if it is rolling down a slanted platform - you have to actually touch it.

This can be tough to accomplish, but it seems to work the most if you shoot a bear directly from above.

In Viggo's Revenge, it is possible to headshot a bear with a Rocket Launcher.


  • Headshotting a Blue Bear in The Bad Place will cause them to become invincible.
  • In Viggo's Revenge, the heads disappear much faster than in other versions of the games.
  • Sometimes, in addition to shooting the head off the body will also disappear instantaneously.
  • Modifying a weapon power will allow almost any weapon to be capable of performing a headshot to any enemy (though their body will disappear completely instead).
  • If the Blood cheat is active, performing a headshot causes an immense amount of blood to stain the nearby surroundings.

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