The Counter

Health Points (a.k.a. Health or simply just Life) are one of the key mechanics in the game. It is a common mechanic found in many games.

You start off with 100 Health Points (HP for short). Whenever an attack hits you, be it from an enemy or your own weapons rebounding, your health will begin to deplete. There are many other ways to lose HP, such as swimming in lava (except for Tweek on most occasions), getting hit by lasers, or even falling too high. As your HP drops, the face of the Fur Fighter you are playing as will slowly start to become exhausted in appearance. As soon as the points go below 25 the Fur Fighter you are playing as will start flashing red.


The Counter in Viggo's Revenge

In order to replenish your health, picking up Pet Yums, Gold Tokens or Silver Tokens can restore lost HP. If your HP is full, Pet Yums cannot be picked up, save for Pet Yums Plus, which put your HP at 200 and slowly falls down (regardless of damage done) until it reaches 100 again. You can also enter a Telepoint, to allow the Fur Fighter in question to recharge.

If your HP reaches 0, you will be Fluffed.


  • There are a few glitches which allow the Fur Fighter to be at 0 health, but still alive.
  • The Portal in Fluffraiser will also steadily replenish your health, though this is the only place in the game where it is possible to do so in this manner.
  • The player's face icon in the HUD/health meter is an obvious reference to the HUDs from the FPS pioneer games from ID Software; DooM, Quake & Wolfenstein 3D.
    • Ironically, the title DooM was considered one of the goriest and violent games of it's time, something Fur Fighters is not (at least not without the blood cheat).

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