Vital Statistics
Species Dog
Gender Female
Location Dinos Downstairs
Heather is one of Roofus' daughters, found in Dinos Downstairs. She is located next to the exit of the level.

How to RescueEdit

In the Kitchen, shoot the glass of water on a ledge to enlarge the Dehydrated Chicken. Climb up (easiest with Bungalow and move around a ledge to find the toaster. Keep moving on, and enter the small opening leading to the cooker. Watch out for the Dino Mother's hand!

Once you've passed her, enter the corner of the cooker, where a Roofus Telepoint can be seen. The hot plates will switch on and off in any area where there is a token. Pass through each hot plate when deactivated, stopping to wait between gaps if necessary.

At the end next to the breadbox is Heather. In Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge, she is closer to the cooker.

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