Rocket Launcher
Weapon Info
Power 3
Ammo Bullets
First found Compound Factions
Tier Above N/A
Tier Below Submachine Gun
The Heavy Machine Gun is a strong rapid fire gun that does plenty of damage but uses up a lot of bullets very quickly. It is the final upgrade out of the bullet based weapons slot, an upgrade of the Submachine Gun, and is one of the most commonly used Weapons. It's best to use the gun to clear large crowds of enemies. Notably, Armadillos also possess this item.


The main color scheme of the Heavy Machine Gun carries of gold, red or pink and silver. Pink and silver being on the base of the gun, and gold being on the near end of barrel of the gun. The handle of the gun seems to be in front behind where the clip goes.

The Mighty Flea's Machine GunEdit

In Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge there was a seventh playable character added. The Mighty Flea had his own tiny version of the gun and uses it to clean up the Fur Fighter's fur from Ticks and Nits. Unlike the normal Machine instead of having an ammo only going up to 300, the Flea's Machine gun can go up to 400, possibly due to the difficulty of only being allowed one gun.


Fluffmatch LocationsEdit

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