Home Flea
Vital statistics
Fur Fighter Chang
Level Undermill
Ticks 6
Home Flea is an unused Flea level. It is presumably Chang's earlier Flea level that was to be found in the Undermill. It is fully functional and players are able to complete it. However, it can only be accessed via the Level Select.

The level presumably takes place inside Chang's shirt, though since no actual animation exists for the entry to this unused level, this is purely speculation based on the color scheme for the level.

To successfully complete the level, you are required to move upwards. The ground level is large, yet devoid of everything.


  • Even though the amount of Ticks usually rise by Hubworld, Home Flea starts off at the beginning of the game with 6 Ticks to find immediately. It is possible that, in the early stages, the amount of Ticks varied greatly.
  • Once you have completed this level, you are returned to the start of the Undermill, though no Close Attack Upgrade is given to Chang.

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