The hub of all hubs, Fur Fighter Village

Hubworlds (known as Hubs for short) are a special type of level in Fur Fighters. They allow access to the other levels in the games where you can find more Gold Tokens and Babies which are required in order to progress.

Whilst Hubworlds do not contain any babies to rescue (although some rescued babies do show up in Fur Fighter Village as the game progresses), they do contain a small amount of Gold Tokens and often a fairly large amount of enemies.

With the exception of Fur Fighter Village (which contains just 1 level), each hubworld contains 3 levels (4 in Beaver Power in Viggo's Revenge), 1 Boss Level and an Exit back to Fur Fighter Village.

Hubworld ListEdit

Trivia Edit

  • All hubworlds contain 10 Gold Tokens, except for Fur Fighter Village which contains 50.
  • Fur Fighter Village and Viggo A Gogo are the only hubworlds to lack enemies.
  • There were plans for an additional hubworld, based in China. Due to time constraints, this was dropped.
  • A test hubworld known as Uncle Gravy still exists in Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge.
  • An early hub, known simply as Homeworld exists in a prototype.

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