Vital Statistics
Species Firefox
Gender Male
Location God Machine Valley
Jet is one of Chang's sons, found in God Machine Valley. He is trapped near the exit.

In Fur FightersEdit

To save him, Chang will need to enter the God of Processing and enter the first tiny gap he sees. The beaver will instruct him on how to use the crane. After the pipe has been moved, Chang will need to proceed up towards the top of the machine and carefully leap down the other end of the pipe. Jet will be waiting near the exit.

In Fur Fighters: Viggo's RevengeEdit

Enter the God of Processing and enter the first tiny gap you see. Here, use the crane to move the pipe across by grabbing it. The window will smash and you will be able to slide down the pipe. Jet is waiting nearby.

Trivia Edit

  • It is actually not mandatory to go through the God of Processing to rescue Jet. You can get Chang in front of the hole to Dinotopolis (or near the laser machine if you are playing on Viggo's Revenge) and then leap across the giant stones leading across the river to reach the exit and avoid the God of Processing entirely.

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