Vital Statistics
Species Firefox
Gender Female
Location Temple of Gloom
Joyee is one of Chang's daughters. She can be found in the Temple of Gloom.

How to Rescue in Fur Fighters (DC) Edit

Joyee can be found on a raised platform after opening the Silver Door, in front of the Temple Maze. Chang's telepoint can be found inside the booby-trapped room behind the Gold Door at one side of the maze. After retrieving Chang, simply backtrack outside the maze and rescue Joyee.

How to Rescue in all other versionsEdit

Joyee switches places with Sheila. She can be found in the foyer that leads to multiple areas of the temple, residing on top of a pillar. Encountering Joyee before finding Chang's telepoint is to be expected, as there is only one Telepoint with Chang. The telepoint is located in the same section of the temple behind the Gold Door, past the Temple Maze. Once the player retrieves Chang, they must find their way back through the maze and to the foyer where they will be able to rescue Joyee.

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