Key to Nowhere
Level The Bad Place
Found With the Bad Beaver
Used for Opening the Door to Nowhere

The Key to Nowhere is an item obtainable in The Bad Place. You receive it from the Bad Beaver and it is used to open the Door to Nowhere.

How to ObtainEdit

When the player meets the Bad Beaver for the first time, he will be swarmed by several bear imps, all whom are hammering nails into his head. The objective is to guide the imps away, so that the beaver will be able to properly interact with the player. To do this, the player must locate and light several pools of water, which can be lit by firing their weapon into the water. This will attract a single imp and repeating this process with the other pools will eventually attract them all from the beaver. Once this is complete, return to the beaver and he will give you the Key to Nowhere to help continue your quest.

How to useEdit

Approach the lone door in the area. The key will open it, and you can go through.


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