Land of the Happy Moles
Theme Fur Fighter Village
Versions Available
Fur Fighters NO
Fur Fighters PC YES
Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge YES

Land of the Happy Moles is one of the Fluffmatch levels in Fur Fighters. It can be only played once you unlock the cheat to the level by blowing up the Monitor in the World Quack Centre with the Bizarre Creations Logo.

The level appears to be one of the Developer's offices in Bizarre Creations.


  • The level offers many different areas for one to hide in. There are doors in many places to hide behind, and many small, blocked off offices scattered around. There are also large areas containing many computers which may leave you open, but can also provide you with the best view of the area.
  • Chang can be especially helpful here, as he is able to hide underneath the desks.





  • In the original versions of the game, you can see a cabinet containing a variety of Dreamcast games, including Fur Fighters and other Bizarre Creations games.
  • Some of the images are actual photographs from the office.
  • The theme to New Quack City will play on this level.
  • Although not assigned to any hubworld design-wise, the level is linked to Fur Fighter Village.



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