Vital Statistics
Species Cat
Gender Female
Location Beaver Dam

Lauren is one of Juliette's daughters. She can be found in Beaver Dam.

In Fur FightersEdit

Lauren can be found just inside the building containing a Bungalow Telepoint in the middle. As you enter, turn around completely and on your right side she will be waiting.

In Fur Fighters: Viggo's RevengeEdit

Lauren switches places with her brother, Francois. To reach her, tap the button on the cement mixer. Climb up the nearby Cat Scratches and touch the two white 'feet' to move them down. Glance up at the machine and shoot the button to load the grinder with sand. Once that's done, press the switch to get the sand moving. Finally, switch to Rico and swim in the nearby pool. Tap the underwater switch and transform back into Juliette. Finally, press the button on the cement mixer for it to pour cement into the pit, allowing you access across to save Lauren.

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