Vital Statistics
Species Firefox
Gender Female
Location Jungle of Despair
Ling is one of Chang's daughters. She is found in the jungle village in the Jungle of Despair.

How to RescueEdit

Ling is located above a cauldron in the jungle village, guarded by a Witch Doctor Beetle. The witch doctor informs you that he needs special ingredients to make a potion. He will first request you bring him an orchid and skull for the potion.

Once those ingredients are found, he'll finally ask for a special beetle for the potion. Bringing him the three beetles, though all incorrect specimens, will make him validate the kind of beetle he wants. He will then turn around, which will reveal a symbol that reveals that he himself is the beetle he desires. At that point, the witch doctor will be able to be pushed into the cauldron, thereby allowing Ling to be rescued.

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