Live and Let Fluff
Theme Viggo A Gogo
Versions Available
Fur Fighters NO
Fur Fighters PC YES
Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge YES
Live and Let Fluff is a Fluffmatch based on Viggo A Gogo. It has an asian setting.

There are two main areas - Outside the building and inside. Inside there are a few floors including some beams at the top which hold various goodies. Outside there are a few roofs to leap from which also wield items of interest, as well as more items on the ground. There are a few differences in Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge, such as the addition of the beams and the absence of the water.


Be careful when obtaining the Neutron Gun on the floor in Viggo's Revenge - It leaves you open. You can use this tempting weapon to your advantage however, by hiding yourself on one of the beams.

If you're not playing on Viggo's Revenge, it is possible to swim outside using Rico to claim a few weapons and some ammo. Do so at your own risk, as this puts you at a disadvantage.

Outside may be difficult to hide yourself. However, once again, you can use this to your advantage by hiding away in a corner. This might not be the best course of action depending on who you are up against.





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