Viggo's Revenge Loading Screen

The Loading Screen is a transitionary screen which appears whilst the game is loading data, be it for Cutscenes, levels or other.

Fur FightersEdit

The screen will display an image of either the logo or concept art of one of the Hubworlds, depending on which level you are loading.

Fur Fighters: Viggo's RevengeEdit

The loading screen now doubles as a mini game. Players can press any of the buttons on their controller to interact with the screen. Sounds clips and voice clips can be played over the loading screen, as well as moving the green bubbles in all possible directions. It is also possible to disable the background music by pressing left on the D-Pad.


  • Up - Scratch / Explosion
  • Down - 'Whizz' Scratch
  • L1 - Car Honk
  • L2 - Small Tune V1
  • R2 - Small Tune V2
  • ▲ - Scratch
  • ■ - 'Harsh' Scratch
  • x - General Viggo (You!)
  • ● - Scratch / Juliette (Oh!)


  • In Viggo's Revenge the cheat Rap Samuel was supposed to change the loading screen slightly.
  • Both voice clips in Viggo's Revenge are from the main two cats in the game.
  • If a level is unable to be loaded correctly, a string of debug error messages will appear.

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