Neutron Gun
Weapon Info
Power 35
Ammo Smart
First found Furry Forest (VR only)

Cape Canardo

Tier Above N/A
Tier Below N/A

The Neutron Gun is a powerful slow-firing energy based weapon that uses Smart. It is the only ranged weapon in the game that resides within its own tier; there is no tier below or above it. 

The Neutron Gun is present in all versions of Fur Fighters.


The Neutron Gun has a blue and purple color scheme. The gun appears to have a prominent stock, as well as an angular barrel with two muzzles. The center of the gun features a semi-transparent circular detail.

Shots fired from a Neutron Gun are very large, and consist of a giant green orb with a glowing yellow center. Though the range of the Neutron Gun is limited, it is a very powerful single shot weapon. Damage is not taken directly from contact with the shot itself. The shot will pass through all enemies it without initially hurting them, merely giving them a green glow. Once the shot has dissipated, all enemies that were affected by the initial shot will be struck by a pillar of energy, dealing heavy damage.


A single shot fired from a Neutron Gun.

Though the Neutron Gun is an extremely powerful weapon, it is not a very reliable finisher. Due to the low amount of ammo you can collect and the extremely slow reload time, those are the reasons why it is not used very often. However, it can be used to get out of sticky situations. It is also very useful when attacking certain bosses.

The best way to use this weapon is to fire and immediately switch to another weapon. After waiting for the weapon to recharge, switch back and attack again.


Fluffmatch locationsEdit

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