New Quack Subway (New Quack City Level 4) is an unused level based in New Quack City. As the name suggests, it takes place in the subway. It is filled to the brim with Brown Bears.


A very unfinished level, New Quack Subway uses Beavers as NPCs placeholders and many textures are from other parts of the game. The level starting point is seemingly random, and branches of to three different areas. Directly in front is a lone Hippy Beaver, his empty guitar case and an Entry Permit.

Turning directly around and heading up the stairs leads to an area with an item that is not used anywhere else in the game - The Gold Nugget. To the right is another set of stairs that lead nowhere on either side, and directly ahead is a Boss Beaver. To the left is a blue structure containing the only baby in the level. In this area are a couple of trains and also the only Telepoints in the level.

Taking the right path leads to what appears to be an early information booth, and following this path eventually leads to a semi-working underground. Two trains rush back and forth, and can run over any Fur Fighters in their path. After getting to the other side, there are more fairly blank rooms until you reach a turnstile gate.

After climbing some more stairs, a room with a strange, non interactable object is found, along with a water tower that is distinctly different from the one found in Temple of Gloom.

Turning left in this room leads you to another junction. You can either return to the start or go down another path, to speak with another Beaver. After flashing an image of a train, a timed challenge beings where you have to run back to the room with the water tower and through the other door, where the Beaver Elder and the train await.

After following the train to the end and stepping off, you'll be greeted with a larger version of the train that took you to New Quack City in the first place, but you will not be able to do anything else, as there is no level exit.









  • The level uses a copy of the text file belonging to World Quack Centre. As such, any text that is shown is just repeating the string ID from that level.
  • The level is so far known only to be in Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge, but it is possible that a file in the PC version contains an even earlier version.


Fur Fighters - New Quack Subway (Level 4 - Unused Level)10:16

Fur Fighters - New Quack Subway (Level 4 - Unused Level)

Video Walkthrough


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