The Nursery is a minor location in Dinos Upstairs. It is an area where three dinosaur eggs must be hatched in order for Tweek to rescue Mweek. To do this, simply glide over to the record player and push the needle to change the song. The upbeat tune will cause the eggs to hatch.

The Nursery itself is filled with various toys such as alphabet cubes, toy planes, and even a gigantic plush toy of one of Chang's babies. It is also home to Peacocks, Blue BearsBrown Bears, and Foxes. The exit to the level is also in here, next to the plushie.


  • In Viggo's Revenge, there is a poster of General Viggo. After about 30 seconds, the image changes.[1]
  • It is possible to traverse the eggs in the Nursery without them hatching. The tops of the eggs are flat enough to stand on and jumping between them is possible.



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