Vital Statistics
Species Dragon
Gender Male
Location The Rumpus Room
Nweek is one of Tweek's brothers, found in The Rumpus Room.

How to RescueEdit

As you enter the Basement, the screen will move across to show you Nweek up high on a metal ledge (this isn't show in the Dreamcast version, however). To rescue him, jump onto the stack of magazines and onto the control stick on the jetpack. As it moves around to the wooden shelf, leap off and proceed around to the second jetpack. Gently push the control stick, and wait until you can see a final jetpack. Leap off either to the magazines and onto the jetpack or straight onto it and tap the control stick. It will fly into the air, and you can safely jump/glide down to Nweek.

It should be noted that it is also possible to leap straight to the final jetpack from the first one. However, this may take a bit of practise as your timing will need to be precise.

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