"Don't forget, at O'Quackers we're quackers about shooting matters!"

Welcome to O'Quackers!


O'Quackers (or just Quackers in Viggo's Revenge) is a gun store located in Lower East Quack. The store is filled with various ammunition and weapons, and a few unique posters scattered around to advertise their range of products. There are also some checkouts for the paying customers near the exit.

The Manager and his two Bikini Bird assistants will welcome you as soon as you enter for being their 10,000th customer (1,000th in Viggo's Revenge) to the store. You will then be given 60 seconds to run through the store, grabbing as much as you possibly can from the store. On offer are:

However, some items are behind the glass and will require shooting/Close Attacks to break it.


  • Besides the name and customer number change, the PS2 version also features different item placements. It is nearly impossible to get everything, whilst this feat is very possible in the other versions.
  • You can re-enter the store every time you get fluffed. The manager will become a little hostile after you take part a second time, though.
  • If you enter as Juliette, the Manager refers her as a male rather than a female.[1]
  • The store references weapons that can be found later during the game.



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