Plasma Beamer
Weapon Info
Power 2 (1 in VR)
Ammo Energy
First found VAB Building
Tier Above Taser
Tier Below Plasma Blaster

The Plasma Beamer is the second weapon in the Energy based weapons slot.It has a longer barrel then the Plasma Blaster and shoots a long beam of energy. The weapon below the Plasma Beamer is the Plasma Blaster and the weapon above it (in the PS2 version) is the Taser.


The Plasma Beamer still has the same color scheme as the Plasma Blaster of White, Green and blue. Still having the energy clip attached to the handle and the tubing connecting to it. But the difference is nothing but a longer barrel to the gun.

Unlike the Plasma Blaster's singular orb shots, the Plasma Beamer's shot consists of a single beam of energy that fires instantly and continuously. The beam has considerable range but it does have a limit. Though faster at dealing damage than the Plasma Blaster, the Plasma Beamer must be aimed precisely at the target to be effective. The Plasma Beamer also consumes Energy ammunition at a significantly faster rate, so consider the current amount of Energy ammunition on hand when switching to this weapon.

When aimed at a reflective surface, the Plasma Beamer's shot can be bounced off, giving a bit of strategy in certain areas. The shot can be bounced off multiple times, so knowing the trajectory of the shot is to be considered. This trait is shared with the other Plasma weapons as well.


Fluffmatch LocationsEdit


  • In Viggo's Revenge, the Plasma Beamer uses the Plasma Blaster model from the original Fur Fighters.
  • Whilst the weapon fires continuously, it uses up a lot more ammo and each shot is considerably less powerful than it's predecessor.

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