Polar Bear
Enemy Info
Energy 50
Damage from Weapon 4
Close Attack Damage 22
Speed 30
Polar Bears are a common enemy in the game.

These bears use a Submachine Gun to attack and are generally larger than the other bears. They shoot uncontrollably in all directions in front of them, making them hard to avoid. They are immune to the effects of a Freeze Gun. It is possible to headshot them with a Shotgun or an Auto Shotgun, though it is very hard to accomplish.


Level AppearancesEdit

  • In New Quack City, they wear a brown bowler hat, a brown jacket and a green shirt.
  • In Beaver Power, they wear an open magenta shirt, brown trousers and a yellow builder's hat.
  • In Cape Canardo, they wear a mostly white astronaut outfit with blue wiring and an orange & brown pattern on their arms. On this pattern is a yellow box with General Viggo's logo printed in black.
  • In Dinotopolis, they appear as cuddly Polar Bears.
  • In Anatat Tatanatat, they sport an orange explorer's outfit with brown shorts and a beige hat with a yellow trim.
  • In The Bad Place, they wear a brown army suit with the General's logo printed on the arm, and a brown hat with a red trim and white spike.
  • In Viggo A Gogo, they sport a green pilot outfit with olive green boots and a black helmet.
  • In Secret Island, they wear a white ninja outfit.


  • Polar Bears are the only standard enemy with an immunity to a weapon.
  • Early footage shows that at one stage, the Polar Bears were not immune to the effects of the Freeze Gun and could in fact be Frozen.
  • The hat the Polar Bears wear whilst in Beaver Power is also an unused item.


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