This article is about the PS2 version of this test level. You may be looking for the Dreamcast test level.

Pool Test is the name of a test level in Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge. It is essentially the VLF Facility level, though with a few changes.

The level background is from New Quack City, and the song playing is the menu theme. Also, the text for the level is scrambled with Furry Forest. Due to this, it is impossible to reach the exit or complete the level as talking to certain Ducks causes the game to hang. Babies can still be rescued, but do not have names attached. Enemies are still present, and all items and enemies can still be interacted with as normal.

Overall, the level is mostly playable until you reach the Astronaut Ducks, which is where the level will hang and you will be forced to reset.

Finally, choosing 'Exit to Hub' will guide you back to Uncle Gravy.







  • Without additional hacking, it is not possible to bring the additional babies to a main game file, since the hubworld associated with this level leads nowhere.
  • Due to how the files are kept, items are the only objects that display the correct text string.
  • The text strings for the level are actually based on an earlier script for Furry Forest, even using the old name for the Happy Village, the Beaver Village.
  • Next to the ladder where Juliette normally climbs up from there is a missing texture. Collision detection is still active, however, so an invisible wall prevents you from entering the level background.
  • Should you find a way to proceed through the level, the 'Level Complete' sign will read X/0 Babies instead of X/10 Babies.


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