Found in Fur Fighter Village
Space Station Meer

The Rabbit is a fluffable critter that can be found around the Fur Fighter Village (more will spawn when more spouses are rescued) and in the sun dome in Space Station Meer. They are small, cream bunnies with a white underbelly and tail fluff.

Like most critters, it can be destroyed into an explosion of fluff with one shot of any weapon, and it will hop around aimlessly, occasionally stopping for a split second.


  • Rabbits are the earliest critters, dating all the way back to the first prototype.
  • Shooting all the Rabbits in the village after defeating General Viggo in Viggo's Revenge unlocks the Blood cheat. However, this cheat will only work in PAL copies of the game.
  • The Rabbits were originally made by Bizarre Creations for a Dreamcast dev kit.
  • If a Rabbit that has originally spawned at the side of the village where the entrance to Cape Canardo is has been herded to the other side of the village far enough, the Rabbit will freeze, but still play their movement animation. They also still respond to close-range attacks near them.


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